drug – Mama Drug Me

drug – Mama Drug Me

Music is forever changing. It’s always something new or trendy going on in music but one thing that never leaves is the way music connects with you. That music that touches the soul and makes you invest into a record emotionally. All of that is that you get from drug on the new song “Mama Drug Me”.

A coming of age story full of flavor is what you get from drug on the new song “Mama Drug Me”.  The music is funky and catches you right away with the grooves doing wonders to the soul. With the tone set drug brings the incredible lyrics to life, as he takes us on his journey while letting the soul in his vocals to shine to make us feel it all.

This fresh release is brilliant musicianship at it’s finest. It’s truly a stellar jam from the vocal performance you can feel, the lyrics that paint the picture for us, and the production that puts all of his talents on full bloom to create a record you must hear now.

Check out drug “Mama Drug Me” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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