Caek and Minko – Me and You

Caek and Minko – Me and You

With as much music that comes out daily, there still some songs with that major appeal you don’t want to miss. Those songs that you hear, and know it was crafted with the intent of the world being able to hear and enjoy it. That special sound always stands out, and a stand out smash is what you get from Caek and Minko on the new song “Me and You”.

Caek and Minko put together a major release that shines in every way on the new song “Me and You”. The infectious energy of the music grabs you quick, with a worldwide appeal to the music that helps it stand out in any part of the world. The vocals are mesmerizing and takes over the spirit immediately, as you get to enjoy the writing, as well as get lost in the music on this record that feels so good to hear you hope it never ends.

Caek and Minko’s “Me and You” is a brilliant record that defies the subjectivity of music with a sound, that feels good to the point you have acknowledge the beauty of the music. It’s where major appeal and creativity meet to help it stand out to the fullest, as the next global hit the world will know!

Check out Caek and Minko “Me and You” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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