SIRUS THE NME – Corona Season 5

SIRUS THE NME – Corona Season 5

What real Hip Hop is something that will forever be debated. Different generations and music taste arguing their own preference, on what is the best representation of the culture. As much as its debated there’s no denying that impact hearing an artist throw on a hard beat, and going for gold being exciting every time for Hip Hop fans everywhere. SIRUS THE NME brings that excitement with his new song “Corona Season 5”.

SIRUS THE NME steps up to put the culture notice of this promising star on the new song “Corona Season 5”. The production sets the ultimate tone with hard production that packs knocking 808’s and bass, to make you slow down and pay attention to the music. Once the music has your ear SIRUS fires off from all cylinders, with a hungry flow that you hear the burning desire to be great in, while every line packs the right amount of heat to it to leave the both in flames.

SIRUS THE NME’s “Corona Season 5” is a damn good release from an impressive artist that puts on in a major way. Nothing about the music slacks on this fresh reminder of why we are all fans of Hip Hop music. He’s powerful in his approach and brings the right amount of flex to this record to make us all buy in to this incredible artist.

Check out SIRUS THE NME “Corona Season 5” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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