Mitrae Featuring Mercury Monet – Moonlight

Mitrae Featuring Mercury Monet – Moonlight

Valentine’s Day has long been the day for lovers. That one day out the year that for sure everyone shows apprection for the special person in their life. For this day music has always played its part, with us having our favorite records that play the perfect score for the day that comes to life throughout. If you’re looking for a record to enjoy for the day this hot new collaboration from M.I.T.R.A.E. and Mercury Monet titled “Moonlight” will surely get the job done.

M.I.T.R.A.E. comes together with Mercury Monet to make a super must hear record on the new song “Moonlight”. The vibes in the music grab you immediately with a smooth sound that is matched with a nice throwback touch, to set the ultimate tone for these creatives. M.I.T.R.A.E.’s flow is slick with a confidence to him that cant be denied, while kicking lyrics full of game that gives it up for the ladies. To match his approach Mercury Monet shines in the vocals, to add that special touch of soul to the music that makes you feel it and enjoy it all that much more.

M.I.T.R.A.E. featuring Mercury Monet “Moonlight” is the perfect record at the perfect time to give the world something to rock to. It’s music you can keep on replay and in rotation for time to come because of how good the music felt to hear, with the love in it shining through to make a connection with the listener like no other.

Check out M.I.T.R.A.E. featuring Mercury Monet “Moonlight” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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