Artist Spotlight: GUEN

Artist Spotlight: GUEN

Hip Hop has come a long way from just some niche genre that started in the streets of New York. It’s now a worldwide phenomenon that lets creatives from everywhere, bring their culture and way of life to the forefront, to show the people life like they’ve never seen before. You can catch major flavor from any part of the world now, including Africa that has a hot sound that is becoming more prominent in music present day. GUEN is the perfect representation with his new project “Da (Transgressions)”.

A six song, 19 minute EP that incorporates his African heritage in the music, matched with must hear lyricism. He doesn’t waste time showing you what he’s all about with his opener “Je m’aime” packing an Afro Trap vibe, that he lets his melodic flow float all over to tell the listener to put themselves first. Each record is sonically incredible and flows so cohesively you never think to hit the skip button, with the music vibing to the fullest to make us all fans of the artistry.

GUEN’s “Da (Transgressions)” is an incredible EP that shows everything that Hip Hop music is present day. It’s way more than just a small piece of music, but its own worldwide culture that gives truly gives you everything from engaging production, the perfect balance of bravado and melodies in the vocals, and substance to the lyrics to make perfection for the people to enjoy.

Check out GUEN “Da (Transgressions)” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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