EZIA x Sam Sellers – That Morning

EZIA x Sam Sellers – That Morning

Everyone is always looking for music that they can feel. Especially present day when the vibe of the record being on of the most important things people look for, as it serves as an escape for our thoughts to run free. R&B has long been a genre filled with vibes for people to feel the authenticity in and EZIA keeps the tradition going with her new song “That Morning” featuring Sam Sellers.

EZIA comes together with Sam Sellers to give you something super smooth and enjoyable on the new song “That Morning”. Vocally EZIA is supreme with a fine tuned vocal performance that is masterful, in its pursuit to give the people something, they will want to keep running back to. This all takes place over a a fresh production that has a nice Neo soul touch to it, to make you feel it all that much more with Sam Sellers adding a rap verse to give the song more life.

EZIA featuring Sam Sellers “That Morning” is a brilliant display of music that gives the listener all the vibes they could ever need. Musically it’s high class with a masterful approach to every aspect getting the job done, to deliver it all just right, and even more something people can feel, on this record that you hope never ends.

Check out EZIA featuring Sam Sellers “That Morning” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


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