Chloe Kibble – Unhiding

Chloe Kibble – Unhiding

Every artist has a certain intent when making music. Having a certain feel to it that lets it resonate for a certain point, but some artist’s music you hear and just through the care in the music, you know it was meant for something more. Made with a much bigger goal than just music that sounds good, but a true musical experience that pours into the listener to give them an experience beyond words. Thats the beauty of Chloe Kibble’s sound on her new song “Unhiding”.

The power of putting your soul into the music is what resonates to the fullest about Chloe Kiddle’s new song “Unhiding”. In a time where everything seems to come and go, Chloe brings a powerful Jazz infused sound, that stops time and takes the listener on a journey that will keep you invested for every second. Being able to connect with the amazing vocal performance that you feel the powerful emotion in, as the heartfelt writing comes to life right before our eyes to bare witness to the beauty of it all.

Chloe Kiddle’s “Unhiding” is a genius level display of music that gives the listener that more that music present day can seem to lack. It’s beyond just good audio and visuals but a true work of art that makes you feel closer to the person behind the music, with so much soul put into it that its impossible not to marvel at the daring approach thats on full bloom, for us all to feel in a major way.

Check out Chloe Kiddle “Unhiding” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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