Adria Kain – Lost One

Adria Kain – Lost One

Music can be enjoyed for many reasons, especially when you can feel it. That presence to the artistry that shines through on a major way, as they stand out to the fullest to deliver something that is impossible to ignore. When an artist’s presence is felt, you buy in to them in a real way as they bring something undeniable to the table, that defies your subjectivity to the music, and become a true fan of what you hear. Thats what you get from Adria Kain on her new song “Lost One”.

Adria Kain gives fresh life to a classic R&B sound to make a one of a kind piece of art on the new song “Lost One”. She is vocally brilliant in her tone that glides through this record with ease, as you feel every melody in your bones, with a mastery to his approach that delivers. The writing is well crafted and the thing of classic records, with well crafted lyrics that serve up the major chorus on this soulful release, that gives you a true experience of music.

Adria Kain’s “Lost One” is a stand out release that shows how much talent is still in the genre of R&B. The feeling of the music is what grabs you, with it doing wonders to the spirit to give you that fresh reminder of the power of music, as well as make you want to get acquainted with this one of a kind talent, who is worth every listen.

Check out Adria Kain “Lost One” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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