Dafney – Wait For You to Come Back

Dafney – Wait For You to Come Back

Happy Saturday!!! Hope everyone has been enjoying their weekend thus far and ready to hear some great music to make it even better. For the weekends we only bring the best content we can find, to make sure we do our part to make the times, as enjoyable as possible. That is only possible with brilliant artists bringing their work and Dafney brings us that level music on her new song “Wait For You to Come Back”.

Dafney makes a powerful record that defies subjectivity on her new song “Wait For You to Come Back”. The soul in the music truly captures the magic of music, with it making an instant connection with the listener to create an initiate experience like no others. The cinematic approach to the sound is big time and Dafney’s vocals rise to the occasion with a masterful tone, that won’t de denied in its pursuit to gives us genius level work.

Dafney’s “Wait For You to Come Back” is a record that is meant to conquer the world with a major feel to it for music lovers everywhere to get invested. It’s that high level of music that lets you just be a fan of the work, with everything about it being well crafted with care, to make sure it lasts the times.

Check out Dafney “Wait For You to Come Back” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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