Urbanparcs – Kool Aid

Urbanparcs – Kool Aid

Music always has its certain things that feel good and a refreshing sound is one of those things. That sound and feel to the music that feels like your soul is being recharged by the good vibes in the music, that does wonders to the spirit. Those are the type of songs that you like to keep in rotation and Urbanparcs “Kool Aid” is one of those refreshing tunes.

Urbanparcs delivers a record that is as sweet as the title with the new song “Kool Aid”. The cool breeze in the sound sets the ultimate tone, with a sound that brings the sun out of the gloomiest places. As the sound goes to work you get hear the soulful vocals of Urbanparcs that shines it’s warm tone, to make you feel the magic in the writing on this record that comes together to a divine level to make something enjoyable for the masses.

If you’re looking for good music to get you through this fresh new release from Urbanparcs gets the job done in every way. The music goes beyond just something that sounds good to hear but an experience of music that makes you enjoy life that much more, with so much fun in the music its hard to not enjoy this special class of working coming out your speaker.

Check out. Urbanparcs “Kool Aid” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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