Reyanna Maria – Loser

Reyanna Maria – Loser

Music is something that as much as it can divide us due to the subjectivity of it, its also something that brings us together due to the way we can relate to it. Those records that say exactly how we feel or can tap into an emotion we once felt, in a real way to make it stand out to us. With a song like Reyanna Maria’s “Loser” the masses can definitely relate to this breakup anthem.

Reyanna Maria continues to shine and grow musically with her new song “Loser”. Her perfect blend of R&B and Hip Hop to her approach is perfect for the substance in the writing, with the melodies to the music having the right amount of vulnerability to make it feel human, while still packing the flex and bravado to not let you sit in the feels of a break up, but to keep it pushing.

This is the perfect start of the year for this buzzing artist that is set to take off in a major way. The underlying soul to the music creates an intimate experience for you to feel closer to the artist, being matched with the appeal to make it go far, with it having the spirit of classic R&B records that have lasted the times with us till this day. Hit play now and enjoy the incredible sound for this artist that gives you all the vibes you could need and more.

Check out Reyanna Maria “Loser” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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