Saïna – Alive

Saïna – Alive

Something that will always be timeless in music is a great love song. Those records filled with blissful energy that resonates to the fullest, as you just enjoy the way the music makes you feel, just as much as you love hearing it. That is the music that will forever keep people fans of music and Saïna has the music that will keep you invested for time to come with her new song “Alive”.

A genre bending sound with Afrobeats and R&B vibes is what you get from Saïna on her new song “Alive”. The grooves in the sound set the ultimate tone for the lush harmonies that you feel the soul in, as the writing comes to life just right to make you feel the love in it. Being swept into the waves of the sound you enjoy the beauty of the writing, as this record connects in every way to make sure we enjoy it all.

Saïna’s “Alive” is a record that truly lives up to the title with it pouring into the listener to make them enjoy life much more, for every second the music provides. Its that magic that happens when each aspect of the music is working in perfect harmony to make a connection with the listener to feel the soul in it, as well as the musical mastery to keep us listening for time to come.

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