Estella Dawn –  Salt

Estella Dawn – Salt

Music is something that is consumed so much daily that its easy for everyone to forget the power that is has. Even artists can feel that its all routine to just put words with sound to make a record, but its always refreshing when an artist understand the power of having the listeners ear. Being able to pour into them with great substance that they can relate to and feel the realness in. Estella Dawn shows her power with her new song “Salt”.

Estella Dawn starts the year off with a bang with her first release of the year “Salt”. Her daring approach to the music is what shines instantly, with her being able to be vulnerable in the content and the singing to make you connect to it on a spiritual level. The writing packs great depth being able to connect to that somber feeling of hitting rock bottom, while matching it in the power of the cinematic sound and the vocals to make you want to keep going as she pours her heart out in the music.

Estella Dawn’s “Salt” is everything that fans come to her music for. It’s musically upper echelon with a mastery in the sound that you hear the quality in shine through to the fullest to make a fan out of anyone, while being matched with the soul that makes music timeless, to keep this record around for time to come.

Check out Estella Dawn “Salt” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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