Artist Spotlight: Blanked

Artist Spotlight: Blanked

In a time where music is all about the vibes it’s important to make music that people can feel. That music that make an emotional connection with the listener, because you can feel the artist putting their soul into the music,to make something worthwhile. That type of connection you can make with an artist like Blanked who shines to the fullest on his new project “all these feelings”.

An eight track project, with 20 minutes full of vibes and pure emotion. His music is many things, so many great things that resonates with the listener to the fullest. His approach is heartfelt in the writing that gives you close glimpse of the music, and evermore in his melodic vocal approach that he has mastered, to make the right amount of emotion is conveyed when needed. 

The sound bridges the gap between Alternative, Pop, with a Hip Hop touch that shines bright in standout songs like “alone” and “obvious” that are already becoming fan favorites. Blanked is the perfect representation of artists today, who have multiple talents that they let work to the fullest, and it shines through in his music to make him an artist worth every listen.

Check out Blanked “all these feelings” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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