Michael Mayo – Lean Back

Michael Mayo – Lean Back

Music can be a lot of things but something to never forget is that music is entertainment. That thing people come to make their life more enjoyable, as they look for songs to bring more vibes to the moment, or as an escape after a long day. That fun that people are looking to have is what will make you want to get lost in the sound of Michael Mayo’s on his new song “Lean Back”.

Michael Mayo has a star quality to him that is an infectious on the new song “Lean Back”. As soon as he comes on the track, you hear a confidence to him that is admiring, as he lets his charisma work to make you become a fan of his presence. As each groove of the music makes you want to move, Michael leads the way to deliver the writing perfectly, on this record that has that worldwide commercial appeal for to travel the world like its destined to.

That engaging experience of music we all look to hear is what Michael delivers for every second, to keep us entertained and running to dance floors everywhere. If you’re looking for a star to get invested in, as well as a hit record to enjoy you can stop your search here, and get all you could want plus more.

Check out Michael Mayo “Lean Back” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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