Artist Spotlight: King Gnarles

Artist Spotlight: King Gnarles

Music is something that consumed by everyone daily. So much so that is easy to forget how much an art that music truly is. An expressive art form that requires an artist to use their sounds, words, or samples to paint a vivid picture for the listener to see, and take them on a journey of the mind. With a creative like King Gnarles he brings a sound like no other that is nothing short of genius with his new five track, 18 minute project called “Regular Tim”.

The EP is in reference to famous ukulele player, Tiny Tim who he drew inspiration from with the ukulele being his first instrument that he played. After taking some of the riffs he came up with over the years, he came up with his “Regular Tim” EP that incorporates raps, ukulele riffs, and Dubstep to make something to truly marvel at. The innovation in the approach really stands out with an exciting feel to the music that really shines on a stand out track like “Designer” that incorporates everything the project is about. You get incredible Dubstep sounds that he bends every which way to make a thrilling experience of music to follow, met with rap samples, and ukulele riffs to make you want to keep this one on repeat.

Another stand out is of course the title record “Regular Tim” that serves as the perfect follow up to the previous mentioned record, with a harder sound that makes this an impossible record to not get engulfed in, as the layers of the music work in perfect harmony to make a sonically brilliant sound that you can listen to for time to come to hear the many elements to it.

The fresh sounds that makes music woth investing your time in is what makes this EP a true stand out, with it creating its own wave for people to ride and get swept in, for an amazing sound that makes you slow down and be a fan of it all. If you need good music to explore King Gnarles gives you five tracks that will keep you fulfilled for time to come.

Check out King Gnarles “Regular Tim” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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