Nue – Demon Child

Nue – Demon Child

Music cant be denied when it doesn’t waste a single second being engaging. When as soon as you hit play the music lays into the listener in way, they cant do anything but stop and acknowledge the power in the sound that is being displayed. With an artist like Nue you know will get an out of this world sound with every release, its his latest work being a shining example of that on his new song “Demon Child”.

Nue brings everything you love from Pop, Rock, and Hip Hop to make one socially stand out sound on the new song “Demon Child”. The driving emo sound is exhilarating and keeps you invested the artistry, as well as the person behind the music, with the passion in the approach being one of this record’s most shining elements. As you get lost in the sound, you hear the care in the lyrics that have great depth in the verses, and appeal in the chorus to make it the total package for the world to hear.

Nue’s “Demon Child” is daring display of music that captures the essence of what music should be. It’s fearless in its approach and allows you to make a special connection in the music, due to the heart and soul put into it to make sure the artist gets something real. If you’re looking for great music you can keep listening to for time to come, this timeless record gets the job done for you to be a fan.

Check out Nue “Demon Child” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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