Kenny Shane – Artifical

Kenny Shane – Artifical

Hip Hop has long been a genre that is rooted in substance. Being known for its artists being the classic narrators of our times, as they are able to give a reflection of what society is through the music. This is one of the many reasons why Hip Hop has not only lasted the times, but has grown to an unprecedented level due to it being the soundtrack of our lives. Kenny Shane is able to thrive in the spirit of that with his new song “Artificial”.

Kenny Shane illustrates life in the social media age with his words on the new song “Artificial”. The conviction in his approach gives a commanding presence to him, that makes the power in his lyricism felt to a righteous level. The intricacies of it makes the vision come to life, as he brings something real to a world that can feel artificial, with people not being able to make genuine human connections, but come alive with opinions of the internet. This all takes place over a hard quiet storm of a production that brings the right knock to it all, to make you give the ultimate focus to the artist and gems in the music.

Everything that makes Hip Hop dope to consume is what you get from this record. It packs original flavor in the approach to make it stand out, and shines even more with great visuals that tell the story to make it a work of art, that connects to make you enjoy the fresh approach and the substance of it all.

Check out Kenny Shane “Artificial” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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