Jilly – New Safe

Jilly – New Safe

Music has always been a reflection of the times. Especially with a genre like Hip hop that has long been the voice for the people. As women become more powerful in the world in many ways, the music reflects that was well. With a male dominated game, women are becoming the biggest voices around with a commanding unapologetic appeal that shines through. That type of energy is on full bloom on this hot release from Jilly called “New Safe”.

Jilly brings a star power to the music that radiates to the fullest on the new song “New Safe”. Her braggadocios energy catches you immediately, with a bravado to her approach that is engaging and makes you buy into her immediately as one of Rap’s biggest stars. The rapping packs a punch in every line with her delivering with a strong flow with no hesitation to make it sure fire hit for the world to enjoy, over this classic sample flip in the production.

Jilly’s “New Safe” is that super dope music that puts the culture on notice of this must hear star. The music connects in the audio in every way, and brings exciting visuals that sell the artistry to that next level to make it a masterpiece that delivers in every way. Hit play now and witness the next hot thing in music.

Check out Jilly “New Safe” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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