J. Reid Prime – Smoke

J. Reid Prime – Smoke

Hip Hop music is always an exciting listen when the artist is jacked in. When you hear them fully jacked in and ready for the world, as they unapologetically go for gold. That music is always must hear because you cant help but root for them, while they let their talent shine to the fullest and what’s what you get from J. Reid Prime on his new song “Smoke”.

J. Reid Prime is lyrically on another and ready for any competition on the new song “Smoke”. He’s known for making impressive work with the group Prime Society, but for this release he rolls solo to make something supreme. The production brings the perfect sound for the work he brings to life, with it all just capturing an ambitious feeling that you hear the hunger in. His flow is relentless and filled with conviction to make you feel the lyricism that is super sharp, to cut this beat into pieces to leave it all out there to put the culture on notice.

J. Reid Prime’s “Smoke” is that super dope Hip Hop that continues to make being a fan fresh and exciting. The record marvels in every way to make sure it won’t be denied with a hard sound that knocks, commanding flow, and fire to the lyricism to live up to the title na leave this track in smoke.

Check out J. Reid Prime “Smoke” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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