Cliff Savage – Wait A Minute

Cliff Savage – Wait A Minute

An artist can shine for many reasons. With people coming to music looking for different things to find something enjoyable worth investing their time in. One of the best ways for an artist to stand out, especially in a genre like Hip Hop into have an original flavor to them, that makes them stand out from everyone else you come across. That presence to them that makes you stop and pay attention to their fresh approach to the music. That original flavor shines to the fullest from Cliff Savage on his new song “Wait A Minute”.

Cliff Savage first release of the year is a major one with his new song “Wait A Minute”. Cliff just has a presence to him that makes him feel like the real deal, as you hear him effortlessly bringing dope rhymes and slick substance to his content, that resonates for fans everywhere. This all takes place over a hard bass driven production that knocks, and flow floats over to make you connect with every element on this record that doesn’t miss.

Cliff Savage’s “Wait A Minute” is an incredible release to start the year off for this special talent who is set to take off in a real way. Eveeyrhtng about his approach just feels right, with the bubbling energy in the music and visuals standing out as something special that the world will be able to bare witness to.

Check out Cliff Savage “Wait A Minute” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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