Taj. Khalif – LIVE YOUR LIFE

Taj. Khalif – LIVE YOUR LIFE

For years people have looked at Hip Hop as a guide for life. Looking to their favourite artists for game and advice to get them through the times. Its this element that has made this genre the soundtrack of the lives of the fans of the culture, and Taj. Khalif understands that to deliver to the fullest on the new song “LIVE YOUR LIFE”.

Taj. Khalif uses his power to make music that you feel in your spirit on his new song “LIVE YOUR LIFE”. The production is smooth, and sounds like it’s meant for story telling that he delivers on perfectly. The subject matter is heavy enough to drop through the speakers, with him delivering game in every line with the conviction in the delivery, that sell the music just right on this inspirational record.

Taj. Khalif’s “LIVE YOUR LIFE” is not only an amazing record for his catalogue, but a powerful record that keeps the genre strong. It’s good music the people can take in and enjoy in a real way, not only musically, but can take motivation away from to get through their toughest times as well.

Check out Taj. Khalif “LIVE YOUR LIFE” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global My Friends!

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