Apollo Mighty x Kennyflowers – LMSY

Apollo Mighty x Kennyflowers – LMSY

Now more than ever artists understand the importance of the music having a vibe. That music that captures a certain emotion, as you feel it and can instantly think about your own life past or present. It’s that type of music that sticks with you because you have an occasion to play it, and for this new collaboration from Apollo Mighty and Kennyflowers you can play it if you want to feel the love on the new song “LMSY”.

The magic of love songs comes to life for this new release from Apollo Mighty and Kennyflowers called “LMSY”. In a time where people debate if R&B music can still connect, it shines majorly with a sound that you can feel for every second. The production ha s nice chill sound that makes you slow down to be a fan out of it all, as you hear the smooth vocals that glide through the melodies, to properly lay the writing down that serves as the perfect literature for the sound that is on display.

Apollo Mighty and Kennyflowers “LMSY” is the perfect record at the perfect time bringing a great love song just in time for a day for lovers. There’s nothing not to like about this record with everything being done to a superb level, to make sure people have something they can feel the beauty of as the sound works to the fullest to keep us coming back for time to come.

Check out Apollo Mighty and Kennyflowers “LMSY” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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