Trizz – Back to the Basement

Trizz – Back to the Basement

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone had a great week and ready for an even better weekend. For regulars on the site you’re familiar that we bring the best content we can find for Fridays. Trying to bring the weekend in with as much momentum as possible, to set things off right. Trizz has long been a go to for us with consistent and powerful releases that are must hear, as well as must share with his latest effort “Back to the Basement” being the ultimate testament to his craft.

Trizz brings the title to life to give the listener a chilling experience of music on the new song “Back to the Basement”. The sound is cold, hard, and haunting with hard percussion and dark piano chords setting the ultimate tone for the lyricism that comes to life. Trizz takes full advantage of the tone set, and brings raw content to his words, as you hear him let out everything inside with so much conviction to the flow you feel and hang on to every word of it all.

Trizz “Back to the Basement” is a supreme record that is rooted in the substance and truth that has made Hip Hop not only a genre that sticks with fans for a lifetime, but embodies a lifestyle due to the realism in the music. He’s in full control of his talent and you hear the power in his approach to make it a commanding body of work that resonates to the fullest.

Check out Trizz “Back to the Basement” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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