PLO – Novocain

PLO – Novocain

One of the main reasons music has not only lasted the times, but is something so essential to our life is the way we relate to it. Those songs that are filled with substance that fits what we’re going through at the moment, or a past time in our life that connects to the fullest because of the truth in it. Music we can relate to is music that last the times and PLO’s latest release “Novocain” is a song that surely will.

PLO brings the ultimate R&B vibe to make music you can feel in every way on the new song “Novocain”. The smoothness in the music slows down time for you to really let the lyrics resonate, that captures the emptiness that comes with a breakup, as you feel the yearning for them that makes them feel like a drug you need. To bring it to life he captures great emotion to the tone that makes you connect to the soul in it, on this song that the masses can vibe to, as well as enjoy.

PLO’s “Novocain” is a record that hits the mark in every way. You get to enjoy the major talent that comes from this special creative, who uses his power to make music that does more than just sound good, but something they can lean on when they need it most. Hit play now and catch this vibe of POL that doesn’t miss.

Check out PLO “Novocain” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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