Mystery Friends – Beck and Call

Mystery Friends – Beck and Call

Music is most fun to discover when it’s fresh. That music that embodies everything it is to be new, with bringing something like you’ve never heard. It’s that aspect of music, that keeps fan coming back for more, as we get to take in those innovative ideas, that bring new light to something we already love. The Pop Rock duo Mystery Friends continues to show why their genre bending sound is worth every listen with their latest of “Beck and Call”.

Mystery Friends continues to shine their light on the world with their major sound on the new song “Beck and Call”. As soon as you hit play you feel like you’re on the dance floor for the party of a lifetime with a major Pop, Disco, and Rock blend that is out of this world and magic in every way. For this brilliant sound you get an incredible vocal performance, that is a match made in heaven with this sound to make sure we get lost in the beauty of it all.

Mystery Friends “Beck and Call” is a major jam that gets better with every listen. It’s that special music that takes you back to the days you could play music, and dance all night while leaving your problems at the door, with a ultra sound that feels so good its impossible to not marvel at their impressive work.

Check out Mystery Friends “Beck and Call” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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