Rose Ranger – Confession

Rose Ranger – Confession

Music is something that can truly down just to ones preference. What they can wrap their mind around being a great record, to enjoy or deny but something that cant be denied is when you hear the magic in the music. When those sounds work together to make something that comes together in such a special way, that you feel it was something that was meant to be. That magic in the music is what shines to the fullest about this new release from Rose Ranger called “Confession”.

An emotive beautiful sound is what you get from Rose Ranger on the new song “Confession”. The music truly grabs you right away, because of the love you feel while listening to it. Each element doing its part to feed off the other, while making one sonically stellar sound. The production sets the ultimate tone with a nice 90’s Pop touch to the sound, that Rose’s vocals glide over effortlessly, to deliver the well crafted writing that captures the essence of love songs, to make it a record that sticks with you.

Rose Ranger’s “Confession” is an incredible record that makes you want to keep coming back for more to enjoy the magic in the sound, that takes you away with melody this piece of art has to offer. It’s that superb music that reminds you of how much an experience music will forever continue to be, with a sound that stops time for you to cherish every moment.

Check out Rose Ranger “Confession” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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