There are many things that people look for in music, but something we all look for in music is for it to be engaging. Those records that you can hit play on and you sign up for the journey the music takes you on, because of the experience of entertainment you get while hearing it. That’s the type of music you get from OREN with his new impressive release “IN YOUR HEAD”.

OREN brings a dark pop sound matched with strong vocals to take you on a thrilling ride on his new song “IN YOUR HEAD”. The pulsating percussion set an exhilarating tone that works wonders, as you get a slow burn in the verses that allows you take on the creativity in the writing, and then a big time chorus that makes this song out of this world. OREN not only shines in the sound, but vocally he’s superb with a strong tone that helps him shines through as the star we all come to hear.

OREN’s “IN YOUR HEAD” is a mega release that delivers to the fullest. It has a worldwide appeal to it that lets you know the song will travel all over, while still having such musical mastery to it, that its impossible to not enjoy this record. If you love good music, you will love every second of what this song has to offer.

Check out OREN “IN YOUR HEAD” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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