STAY GLDN – Dead Ends, Fake Friends

STAY GLDN – Dead Ends, Fake Friends

Something has always made music something to last the times, is its ability to be something people can relate to. Being able to hit play on your record of choice, and hearing the intricacies in the music and writing that can fit your life, to the point you feel that the music you are listening to is the score for it. Those records always seem to find you at the right time and STAY GLDN brings you that type of music on their new release “Dead Ends, Fake Friends”.

STAY GLDN brings you an emotive bittersweet must hear Pop release with their new song “Dead Ends, Fake Friends”. The song shines musically in every way, with a major sound in the production that takes off in the chorus, to make it truly undeniable but where it really grabs you is the masterful display of emotion, which really helps you feel the writing of this coming of age tale about outgrowing your small town, yet know it played a big factor in the person you are today. To deliver the writing they bring a warm vocal performance, with lush harmonies to take things to a righteous level to make sure it gives the listener all they could want and more.

STAY GLDN’s “Dead Ends, Fake Friends” is a brilliant display of music that encompasses the magic that music will forever with the listener. It takes you back to the days of being able to throw on some headphones, and get lost in the music with a record that is layered to perfection to make you fall in love with every detail, that they bring to life for us all to capture this vision to the fullest. If you’re looking for great music, as well as visuals to get into you owe it yourself to tune into this special piece now!

Check out STAY GLDN “Dead Ends, Fake Friends” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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