Rustyn x Xtina Louise – I’m Alive

Rustyn x Xtina Louise – I’m Alive

There’s no denying that music is subjective. Something that different people can hear the same thing, yet have such different opinions about it, but some music defies that and gives you something undeniable. A sound that anyone can hear and hear the talent, as well as the magic in it all to make it an experience like no other. Thats what you get from Rustyn and Xtina Louise on the new must hear record “I’m Alive”.

Rustyn and Xtina Louise come together to show the art of collaboration to make something special on the new infectious release “I’m Alive”. The music brings a feel good electronic sound to life that resonates to the fullest, as the music takes you on an exciting journey thats worth the listen. The verses are a slow burn that Xtina’s vocals shine marvelously over, and serves up the chorus perfectly that Rustyn uses to take this sound to another level, on this record that truly gives you everything.

Rustyn featuring Xtina Louise “I’m Alive” is that amazing music filled with bright lights in the sound that shines majorly to make fans out of us all. It’s master class musically, as the talent is on full bloom for us all to enjoy, in every facet of the record, while bringing high appeal to make sure this song travels to the ears for listeners all over the world.

Check out Rustyn featuring Xtina Louise “I’m Alive” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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