jen kalicharan – Change My Number

jen kalicharan – Change My Number

Music has always done its job of being a reflection of the times. Being able to capture issues, trends, and things we all deal with in a creative way, to make it something we all can mutually relate to, especially something like dating. Bringing things to light whether good or bad, just truth that we call can feel and jen kalicharan does that and more with her new fresh release “Change My Number”.

A sound laced with vibes and new age dating substance is what you get from jen kalicharan on her new song “Change My Number”. The music sets the tone perfectly with a nice gene bending sound that blends the smoothness of R&B, the swagger of Hip Hop, and the appeal of Pop that Jen takes full advantage of to show off her talent. Her vocals glide through this production with ease, with a confident swagger to her touch, that lets you feel her presence as she tackles the woes of dating in current times and the detached approach of it all.

If you’re looking for a must hear talent to get invested in jen kalicharan continues to shine through with every release, with her newest one being some of her best work to date. The way she puts it all together is something to truly marvel at, as she gives you so many reasons to enjoy her sound, that feels just as good as it sounds, wile still bringing that special touch of soul to it to make it all complete.

Check out jen kalicharan “Change My Number” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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