Keegan Connor – Dove

Keegan Connor – Dove

With so many artists out there, whether established or new it makes it important for an artists to stand out more than ever. The task of standing out can be a difficult one, yet some artist do it so naturally, as they sound like the real deal from beginning to end. With an artist like Keegan Connor, its impossible to not feel the energy of her presence, that makes her sound like an artist the world is meant to hear, and with her new amazing record “Dove” you see exactly why.

Keegan Connor marvels with her amazing vocals and stand out songwriting on the new song “Dove”. As soon she lets her vocals be heard, you hear a warm tone that immediately tugs at the soul, while hearing the underlying confidence that allows her to take the music any which way she desires. With this is approach you are able to really hear the maturity in her writing, that is match made in heaven with this must hear Pop sound, to give us something so real its bound to stick with you for time to come.

Keegan Connor’s “Dove” is a stand out piece of art from a must hear artist who does everything to a superb level, to make sure she sticks with us for time to come. The talent shines in every way as you hear the mastery in the production, wiriting, and vocal performance, while still getting something authentic we can feel to make it enjoyable for every second.

Check out Keegan Connor “Dove” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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