Goldpreci – Elephant Gold EP (Album Review)

Goldpreci – Elephant Gold EP (Album Review)

When an artist can do it all the sky is truly the limit. Being able to be apart of every aspect of the craft at a high level, and making a mark in every way. From writing a record, to producing the sound for it, and being able vocally to switch up from rapping to singing really opens up, a whole new world for the creative to shine. Goldpreci is one of those supreme creatives who can truly do it all, and shows it off majorly on his new EP “Gold Elephant”. A six track, 18 minute project full of vibes for you to enjoy in every way. Below is a review of the project.

Track For Shit Featuring Juan Diss, Still Black, Jeff Days & Yah Brudy: Hip Hop is something that is all about collaborations and this track shows the power of it with the ultimate posse cut to start this project off. Each artist raps for dear life to push this record forward, as they all shine in their own individual styles to bring strong lyricism, and hard flows to make you want to see what the rest of this project has to offer.

Dimi Si Te Vas Featuring Ean Royers and El Jham: To keep the project flowing, he switches up with a smooth Tropical sound that feels good to hear, as the melodic approach vocals makes you feel the magic in the music much more, and serves up the chorus perfectly that takes thing to another level, with this record bringing extra appeal to the EP.

Potencial (Par De Locos) Featuring Ean Royers: One of the most shining aspects of this EP is the way it sonically flows, with this recording being a shining example of that. Sounding like the after party for the previous record, you get even more magic and grooves in the sound, with amazing vocal performances that have a blissful tone, that fits perfect for the bright upbeat production that purely feels good to hear, as you get lost in the love of the substance in the music.

Snowchild (Remix): After the vibes and collaborations of the previous records, he takes on this one on his own, to slow things down and shows off some of his most creatives sounds. The production is layered to perfection, as it builds perfectly with the writing to bring it life just as well as any cinema could, while still flipping between, his melodic Rap flow, and singing voice in the chorus to make it a stand out record , you will want to keep coming back to.

Cuando Me Quieras Ver Featuring EL Jham: For this record he picks back up the pace, and gets another feature from EL Jham to let the words flow. The flow on this one is as fluid as water, as it rides the waves of the sound to bringing something sweet to the listeners ear. To match it you get an amazing vocal performance that brings balance that you see throughout, that makes things complete to a righteous level.

Ram$om (Remix) Featuring Joel Andrws: To close out the project you get an undeniable record that vibes to the fullest. the knocking 808’s and Trap percussion set an engaging tone that they take full advantage of. The flow is packed with commanding swagger that makes you enjoy the braggadocios substance in the lyrics, to put the perfect period to this statement of a project.

Goldpreci’s “Elephant Gold EP” is a project that truly has something for every one to enjoy. He has a wide range of sounds and styles that hit the mark of excellence in superb fashion, to give the people music they can be fans of. For any occasion Goldpreci has a song for it, that will make you enjoy his artistry as well as life more from the must hear sound.

Check out Goldpreci “Elephant Gold” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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