The Trampoline Delay – Don’t Let Go

The Trampoline Delay – Don’t Let Go

Every genre has something about I that makes it special. Whether it be the flair of Hip Hop music, or the enchanting grooves of a genre like EDM music, each one has their own thing, but Rock music has always been a genre that has stopped time. A genre known for having a commanding sound that captures the listener, with a rebellious touch that always captures our times, and deep substance to the writing that makes people think. The spirit of that sound makes it last forever and The Trampoline Delay brings all of that with his new song “Don’t Let Go”.

The Trampoline Delay brings an incredible Indie Rock sound that brings this story to life on the new song “Don’t Let Go”. The name alone is engaging with a certain spark to it that makes you want to see what he sounds like, and as soon as you hit play you know its worth the listen. The sound captures you immediately as it drives things forward in a major way to make you sign up for this musical journey. As you follow along with the sound, you really get into the story telling in the writing that captures a the thin line between desire and being faithful. To deliver it all just right he marvels vocally with a raw energy to the approach to make you feel it all that much more, on this song that doesn’t miss.

The Trampoline Delay’s “Don’t Let Go” is a record that puts it all together to give people that more that makes them stray invested in music. You get a brilliant display of music that connects in every way to bring something enjoyable, as well an incrizbdle experience of music you can feel to make a complete body of work for us all to enjoy.

Check out The Trampoline Delay “Don’t Let Go” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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