Beck Pete – Softie

Beck Pete – Softie

Music has long has many things to make it special. So many different sounds out there, the sky is truly the limit for music to have its shine but something that always captures people is a great anthem. Those record that have such a strong presence that it grabs the listener, and pours into them in a way that most records can’t. Anthems have long been big time records that brings people together and Beck Pete captures that magic with her new song “Softie”.

Beck Pete brings the perfect alt pop sound for this love anthem on the new song “Softie”. Her introspective journey is highlighted perfectly through the music, as it guides you through it all with a slow burn in the verses, that makes you take in the writing before the chorus takes it another level, to get you out of your seat and hanging on to every word. For this major sound she matches it with a brilliant vocal performance that marvels in its ability to convey emotion and vulnerability, to make that intimate connection with the listener, to make it all come together righteously on this song the world will love.

Beck Pete’s “Softie” is the perfect storm of artistry that not only allows the artist to shine to the fullest, but also gives the music something more they can feel, and hang on to for time to come. The music is truly timeless, because of the power it gives the listener to keep going to make a connection that will last the times, on this must hear anthem.

Check out Beck Pete “Softie” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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