Izzy St. Shaw – Ego Time

Izzy St. Shaw – Ego Time

One of the important thing swith the content posted is finding that next thing. Finding the best music out there of the present and the future, that will last the test of time. Sometimes it’s a tough challenge but no matter how tough it is, hearing that right song makes it all worth it. Izzy St. Shaw has that feel of an artist that is set for big things with his latest release “Ego Time” being the ultimate statement.

Izzy St. Shaw takes a very introspective approach to deliver a special must hear refreshing gem on the song “Ego Time”. He brilliantly articulates his most vulnerable thoughts in a real way that resonates to the fullest. The acoustic approach to the production sets the right tone, for Izzy’s vocals to flourish as he masterfully coneys the right amount of emotion to make you feel the heartfelt music in your soul, that makes for a listen that will have you invested for every second.

Izzy St. Shaw‘s “Ego Time” is new age soul music full of appeal at its finest, as he gives his genius to the world to enjoy. His lyrics are truly poetic, the vocal performance shines through to make it stand out, and it all comes together perfectly to make a masterpiece for the world to buy into.

Check out Izzy St. Shaw “Ego Time” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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