Bea Kadri – Outpour

Bea Kadri – Outpour

A sound really carries magic when you can get lost in. Those incredible releases, that capture the escape music is known for as you hit play and go the special place that music takes you. When you hear a song like that, its impossible to not enjoy the music and Bea Kadri brings one of those records with her new song “Outpour”.

Bea Kadri delivers a true work of art that you can feel in every way on the new song “Outpour”. One the surface you get a jam filled with grooves, with an ambient touch to the music to make you dream to it, but as you fall more in love with the sound, you’re able to catch the intricacies in the writing that cover her own experience in doing distance relationships. To bring it all to life she delivers it just right with a warm tone to the vocals, that make you take on the emotion in the record to make it that much more realer for us all to enjoy.

Bea Kadri’s “Outpour” is a must hear record, as well as an experience of music that you must be apart of. The song shines for many different reasons, with it musically being master class in every way, but even more the soul that is put into the music, is what resonates most as she pours into the listener in a special way.

Check out Bea Kadri “Outpour” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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