Jay Nahge x Forest Myles x Tre Rogers – Loading

Jay Nahge x Forest Myles x Tre Rogers – Loading

One of the best thing to her in Hip Hop music is collaboration. Artists coming together with great talent, to shine even more collectively as they put on in a major way, to make one outstanding body of work that doesn’t slack for a second. Collabs have produced something of the greatest records we’ve ever heard, and this new collaboration from Jay Nahge, Forest Myles, and Tre Rogers, is one of those collaborations that will surely last the times on the new song “Loading”.

Jay Nahge comes together with Forest Myles and Tre Rogers to make an instant classic for the culture on the new song “Loading”. Each artist is super talented in their own right, and when they come together they put together a masterpiece that takes form in front us for every second. The lyrics are sharp, and the flows are relentless as they cut through this production with ease, that sets the ultimate tone, with strings and heavy percussion to keep you invested in this high level of artistry.

Jay Nahge featuring Forest Myles and Tre Rogers “Loading” is that Hip Hop music that will forever have a place in the hearts and speakers of Hip Hop lovers everywhere. The master class emceeing that takes place is everything that has made us all lifetime fans, with everything being done at a stellar level to give us that more that we all are craving from this ever growing genre.

Check out Jay Nahge featuring Forest Myles and Tre Rogers “Loading” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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