Interview: LaVance Colley talks Career, Influences, “On Top of the World”, and More!

Interview: LaVance Colley talks Career, Influences, “On Top of the World”, and More!

An artist always stands out as something special when you not only hear their talent, but when you feel their energy in the music. Those talented artists who have a presence to them that shines, and also feels good to hear, as you take on their vibrant energy to the fullest. That’s what shines about LaVance Colley, and his new song “On Top of The World”. A celebratory jam that will make you enjoy life that much more, so much so we had to learn more about this artist and he was gracious enough to take time to answer some questions. Below is the interview!

Who is LaVance Colley the artist?

Well, I am an artist who loves to sing and tell stories through song. I love being on stage and looking at the audiences faces, and see the joy my voice brings them, and there is nothing like it. I’m an artist who truly believes in the power of music and I do my best to make sure that my fans, who come to see me, left feeling uplifted and energized. 

Who are some of your influences and how do you incorporate that in your music?

A lot of my influence comes from Gospel music, and I easily incorporate that into my music because Gospel music is in a lot of music today, and a lot of musical genres comes Gospel, so its not hard to pull from that source since its something I grew up singing all the time. 

What was your favorite part of creating your new song “On Top Of The World”.

My favorite part about creating On Top of the World was actually recording and arranging the BGV’s. I absolutely love arranging BGV’s, and in this particular song, I had a lot of fun recording. 

How did you know it was time to release “On Top Of The World”?

Well, I originally wanted to release On Top of the World earlier in 2021, but that particular record was potentially going to be used in a singing competition, but things wounded up not working out, so the song then became available to be released and thats when I thought to release the song as soon as possible, and now we’re here today. 

What is the biggest thing you want people to take away from you music?

When people hear my record, I want them to leave thinking how does he sing like that? I want people to feel inspired, and encouraged to live their lives with a little bit more happiness. 

What advice would you give an inspiring artist?

I would tell any aspiring artist to always focus on just creating good music that you feel good about. Don’t do it to make money, get a Grammy, or anything of the sort. Just do it for the love of music and continue to do that and all the other blessing will flow after that. Stay try to your art and also, take care of your instrument. 

What’s next for LaVance Colley?

Well, I’m about to go on an 8 week USA tour with Postmodern Jukebox from February 17th to April 17th, and then, hopefully doing some local shows in LA which has been a while so I’m excited about that. 

Check out LaVance Colley “On Top of the World” below and follow him on Instagram, as well as Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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