Sofia Tinajero – Emotional Landscape

Sofia Tinajero – Emotional Landscape

People come to music for many reasons, especially to be entertained. Being apart of records that takes the listener on a journey they can follow with the mind, and get a musical experience that stands out in a real way. Even more than being entertained, its even better when you feel the emotion in the music. That connection that takes over the soul, you feel the emotion of it all. When you’re able to be both entertained and connected to the music, you have something that you will most certainly keep coming back to, and thats what you get from Sofia Tinajero on the new song “Emotional Landscape”.

Sofia Tinajero embodies the title of the record to give you something you feel for every second on the new song “Emotional Landscape”. The music has a nice slow burn to the sound that progresses just right, as the waves of the music wash over you and makes you feel the soul of it all. As the music takes over Sofia’s sweet tone comes to life, and brilliantly delivers the strong writing to create an intimate connection with the listener, to stop time for you to just let the music flow through.

Sofia Tinajero’s “Emotional Landscape” is a beautiful display of music that truly stands supreme. Every element of the records work together to make the next shine, as the acoustic Folk touch the sound, lets the writing stand out, and is a match made in heaven with the vulnerability in the tone, to make sure you feel the music just as well as you hear it, on this incredible release.

Check out Sofia Tinajero “Emotional Landscape” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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