Lujza – Promises

Lujza – Promises

No matter the many phases of music, or the countless trends that we are exposed to, there will always be certain things that will always work. Certain sounds that will forever resonate with the people, and be enjoyable for anyone who listens. One of those things is a soul sound. A sound that you feel in your spirit, as something real and great to be apart of. Thats what you get from Lujza on her new song “Promises”.

Lujza brings a record filled with timeless soul and flavor to get us through on her new song “Promises”. The funk touch to the music sets the ultimate tone, with infectious grooves that make you want to move, as you willingly sign up for this musical journey she takes us on. For the sound she matches it vocally with so much flair to her approach, that it makes you a fan of her presence immediately, while she kicks the lyrics packed with relatable substance about relationships, to make a complete jam that you can rock to.

Lujza’s “Promises” is an instant vibe that carries on the spirit of soul music to the fullest. It gives us all that fresh reminder on why we fell in love with music, with it carrying a sweet vibe to it that makes you just enjoy the music, silly because it feels good to do. She marvels artistically in every way from the magic in the sound, unapologetic vocals, and strong writing to bring the world something enjoyable for us all.

Check out Lujza “Promises” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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