AMY .D & Cassius Clifford – Rose Tinted Glasses EP (Album Review)

AMY .D & Cassius Clifford – Rose Tinted Glasses EP (Album Review)

The right collaboration between a producer and artist can be the difference between a vision truly coming to life, and it just being a record you listen to. A shining example of that is this new EP from AMY .D and Cassius Clifford called “Rose Tinted Glasses”. A four song, 13 minute project full of vibes and emotion, that people everywhere can enjoy the talent, as well as feel and enjoy the music. Below is a break down of the project.

Panic Featuring Tashia: “I could be in a dream, but it’s looking real” The project opener starts off full of emotion, with a somber genre bending sound, that sets the perfect score for what’s to come to life. The vocal approach brings the right amount of vulnerability, for the daring writing that is poetic in its approach to be felt righteously to let us know what to expect moving forward.

Favourite Place: One of the greatest aspects of this project is the writing, and this record truly showcases that and more. Shining in the great tradition of love songs before it, with great relatable substance that captures the waves of emotions relationships can bring. The sweet warm tone drives it all to the heart and make sure you feel it all with this new age soul sound.

Love Me: To keep the project flowing you get a great chill vibe that good feels to hear courtesy of Cassius sound, while AMY.D opens up another part of her pen, with slick content that makes you feel the swagger in her style thats infectious, especially in the chorus that takes things to another level to make this a stand out track.

Lie Down with the Enemy: To finish off the project you get everything you love from the previous tracks, to make one amazing emotional masterpiece. It sonically brings the same vibe to make it all cohesive, while the writing brings its strongest edge, as she bares it all in the writing and delivers vocally with all she has to send off this project the right way.

AMY.D & Cassius Clifford “Rose Tinted Glasses” EP is a beautiful body of work that shows the magic of a producer and artist being locked in to make one brilliant sound that flows together effortlessly, to give the people something that can last. It makes emotional connection with the listener to make it all real, and also shines musically to make a complete body of work.

Check out AMY .D and Cassius Clifford “Rose Tinted Glasses” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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