Sophie Said – steak dinner!

Sophie Said – steak dinner!

A song that sounds good is something always stands out with the listener, but when you feel the soul in the music its something truly beyond words. Those incredible releases that make you take on the emotion and love in the music like no other, to give you something that you will want to keep running to for time to come. Sophie Said brings you that music with her new must hear release “steak dinner!”

Sophie Said brings endless vibes that feels good to the soul on the new record “steak dinner!”. The vibes in the music catch you right away, with a chill sound filled with the perfect blend of Lo-fi R&B and Pop, met with Hip Hop percussion to give you one sonically superb sound. Vocally she brings that special flavor to the approach that makes you feel her tone in your chest, to make you enjoy the smoothness in the sound in a real way on a song that you hope never ends, as the writing fulfills the listener with nothing but love.

Sophie Said’s “steak dinner!” is that special music that has a nice throwback feel it, while still having so much fresh life to it, you cant help but love it. It’s that soulful music that brings a sophisticated cool, to make you slow down and spread love as you get lost in the music, from this major talent.

Check out Sophie Said “steak dinner” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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