Saga Ludvigsson – Tell Me Lies

Saga Ludvigsson – Tell Me Lies

One the most special things about music, is every song has its own thing about it that shines. Whether it be the sound that catches people, or the writing that they find enjoyable or relatable, there’s always something that can stand out. With some songs the appeal of it shines through. Those records that you hear and know this was crafted with full intent on people all over the world being able to enjoy it. That mega appeal is what shines about Saga Ludvigsson’s new song “Tell Me Lies”.

Saga Ludvigsson delivers a major sound to make it a stand out smash on the new song “Tell Me Lies”. The music shines instantly, and even more the feeling of it, with you being able to feel the bright energy of the record, to get you invested as soon as you hear play. For this big sound you get an incredible vocal performance that has a strong presence, to make you buy into the star power of the artist, that delivers the writing just right to make sure everything about this record connection to make it a hit.

Saga Ludvigsson’s “Tell Me Lies” is a supreme display of music that does everything right to make a song everyone can enjoy, as well as make a commanding statement that this talent is must hear. If you love good music that feels just as god as it sounds, you will want to hit play immediately to join in on the magic of this sound.

Check out Saga Ludvigsson “Tell Me Lies” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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