Moncrieff – Warm

Moncrieff – Warm

Music is something that always has a fresh trend to it. Something that always seems to be reflective of the world and times that we are in. As much as music can be just about what’s hot at the moment, it still has its elements that are timeless. Those special intricacies in the music that will always work no matter they climate. A great love song is one of those things, as it always brings the right emotion for the listener to feel it all, and Moncrieff does that and more with his new song “Warm”.

Moncreiff captures the true magic of love songs with his new must hear release “Warm”. The big acoustic piano sound that sets the ultimate tone, with it keeping it simple yet so sophisticated to allow the light to shine to on the vocals and writing. As the music flow you feel the emotion of it all, with Moncreiff brilliantly providing the right amount of emotion in every note, to make sure you are able to feel the heartfelt writing, that captures the timeless feel that great love songs always have.

Moncrieff’s “Warm” is an amazing record rooted in soul to make a pure connection with the listener, that will last the times. It’s a master class of a record that lets the music do all the talking, with everything being done any a superb level to give the people that more, that we will always need from music. If you want an authentic experience of music you can buy into majorly, this record makes it easy with the only real work for the listener, being to hit play.

Check out Moncrieff “Warm” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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