Max Edwards – Gravity

Max Edwards – Gravity

It’s always great to hear a big time record but it’s even better when the music has a glow to it. That shine to the music that you can see, as well as feel in your soul as you get engulfed in the blissful nature of the tune. That’s the music that brings people together, as anyone who loves music can feel that vibe in it’s entirety and that’s what you will love from this new release from Max Edwards called “Gravity”.

Max Edwards brings a beautiful sound beyond measure on the new song “Gravity”. The music grabs you in a way that puts any subjectivity to the side, because you know what you’re listening to is undeniable. The high appeal in the production sets the ultimate tone with a fun sound you can feel that sets a strong tone. Once he brings in the vocals you feel them in your soul, with so much presence to his approach it’s impossible to not fall in love with every second of audio you hear.

Max Edwards “Gravity” is that high quality music that continues to give the culture of music it’s air to live on. It’s damn good music that allows the listener to take in and adore the amazing sound he gives us, as well as music you can get lost in. It makes your day that much better with each listen you give it, to make it a perfect record to discover and keep with you.

Check out Max Edwards “Gravity” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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