4nzek – Elysium

4nzek – Elysium

Something always stands out in music is innovation. That daring approach to the music, that breathes new life in to the culture, as you are able to experience sounds being put together in a special way, that you never even imagined would be possible. Discovering music like that will always make being a fan of music an exciting thing to be apart of, and 4nzek shows the power of bringing a fresh new sound with his new song “Elysium”.

4nzek brings a genre bending masterpiece that gets better with every second on the new song “Elysium”. The music shines in many ways, especially in the chances taken in the music. It doesn’t follow any guidelines, and instead brings together something special from many genres, to make one amazing cohesive sound that takes the listener on a journey. It captures everything it is for music to be an experience with great progressions to the sound, that makes it exciting to follow along, as the synth sound brings light to the music to make you get lost in it all.

4nzek’s “Elysium” is a major sound that delivers to the fullest to show how amazing it is to hear something, shine its own creativity. The more you listen the more you love it, with you catching something new to enjoy with every listen, with the layers to the music shining through, for music lovers everywhere having something to enjoy.

Check out 4nzek “Elysium” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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