Zebra Libra – COLLIDE.

Zebra Libra – COLLIDE.

Music is something that people come to for several different reasons, but one of the major reasons is to be entertained. That music that helps you escape after a long day, with a sound that grabs you and makes things in life more exciting with a special sound that thrills. That is what shines about this new must hear song from Zebra Libra called “COLLIDE.”

Zebra Libra takes you on a journey of a love thats destined on their new big time hit “COLLIDE”. The music has a retro 80’s feel to it, matched with an Alternative Rock sound that set the ultimate tone. With the tone set it vocally takes the song to another plateau, with power to the approach that rises to the occasion of the sound, to make sure we can enjoy the writing to the fullest on this song that doesn’t miss.

Zebra Libra’s “COLLIDE.” is a major anthem that stops time for the listener to get lost in this true experience of the music. It stands out musically, as well visually with a masterful video that brings the vision to life in a special way, to make sure we can enjoy this piece of art, in its full vision.

Check out Zebra Libra “COLLIDE.” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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