second thoughts – who cares

second thoughts – who cares

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone had a good week and ready to have a smash of a weekend. If you’re a fan of the site then you may be familiar with our high standard we have for music we showcase to kick off the weekend. Making it a point to share songs that defy the subjectivity of music, with a stand out sound that anyone who loves music, can hear the genius in. This new record from second thoughts called “who cares” is truly one of those records.

British teen indie Pop band second thoughts gives you music that is exciting for every second on the new song “who cares”. The young, wild, and free energy in the music resonates instantly, with a fresh fun sound that stands out as stellar immediately. To match the energy of the sound, you get a vibrant vocal performance that carries this record to the fullest, as the carefree writing comes to life right before our eyes in the music and visuals to make sure there’s nothing not to enjoy about this incredible release.

If you want a song you can enjoy in every way “who cares” is surely that and much more. It’s a master class of musicianship that you hear the talent in, as all the many intricacies of the music shine through to deliver something must hear, but also the enjoyment they got out of making it is what will grab you even more, with it feeling just as good as it sounds.

Check out second thoughts “who cares” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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