Bailey Judd – Brand New Car

Bailey Judd – Brand New Car

The thing about a big record is it cant be denied. No matter the subjectivity of music, or what ones preference can be for good music, a big time record just always shines through as supreme. Those songs dont come too often but when they do you recognize immediately and buy into the music like no other. That sound is what you get from Bailey Judd on the new song “Brand New Car”.

Bailey Judd brings a smash of a record that gets better with every second on the new song “Brand New Car”. The song is masterful at taking the listener on the journey, with you getting a nice slow burn in the verses that let you really catch the art in the writing, and serves up the chorus to the fullest that makes it out of this world, and a sure hit with worldwide appeal. It connects vocally and rises to this major occasion to make sure people are able to enjoy the magic in the music, on this record that gives you all you could ever need from a record.

Bailey Judd’s “Brand New Car” is a record that takes full advantage of the listeners time and delivers a timeless work of art full of replay value. It has a special quality to it that makes it enjoyable and does everything right to make sure you can just be a fan of music, with a sound that stands above any critique one can have.

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